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Pastor John Wagner Shows Love toward People in Need in Lubbock and Beyond

Image source: lubbockeda.org

When you reflect on your life, the people you remember and value the most are likely those who sacrificed to give you something. These may include a mother who gave you her time, money and energy to meet your daily needs. They may include a teacher who took time out of his busy schedule to go over those tricky math problems, or maybe the person you recall is a friend who loaned you some money – or at least loaned you his couch for a while – when you were going through hard times. Pastor John Wagner in Texas is that kind of person – the type who makes sacrifices to add value to the lives of people in the Lone Star State and in other areas of the country.

The individuals whom he has helped indeed may consider him a star, as his bright idea to help the community has impacted thousands of people right in Lubbock, Texas, where his church is located. The church is Turning Point Community Church, and Pastor John Wagner and his congregation there are no stranger to helping strangers. For them, the Lubbock community is an area ripe for experiencing acts of kindness that show how much God loves the people there.

Image source: trailreflections.com

For instance, from handing out bottles of water to giving out coins to Laundromat customers or even handing out snow cones on a hot July day, Pastor John Wagner and his team have demonstrated that small favors can make a big difference in people’s lives. One of his most recent events actually impacted a whopping 500 people in less than half an hour – an event that he calls “an outreach burst.”

This burst of energy is going beyond the limits of Lubbock to other areas of the United States, too. For instance, Pastor John Wagner and his church helped people in New York and in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy struck the region in October 2012. Pastor John Wagner and his church members essentially are “Good Samaritans” to those who may be experiencing tough roads in life, whether those tough roads include a hot day in Texas or a stormy day in New York.

Image source: truthmattersblog.com